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  • Let life「pass on」 By Yanling Liu
    What is life? What is life education? In recent years, life education has received much attention and praise. Education Bureau suggested that life education shall focus on four learning levels, namely life cognition, life appreciation, life respect and life exploration. The Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide published by Education Bureau in 2017 indicated we shall accelerate the promotion of moral education.
    The growth and development of children are on a step-by-step basis. Their learning is also influenced by the law of growth and development. We hope our children to be happy, healthy, curious, righteous, positive and sociable. But how will our children learn from their living environment? What do we leave to our children? How will our life affect theirs?
    Dr. Choi Yuen Wan, the former President of Breakthrough Corporate, warned through his book “Life Affects Life” that parents shall attach great importance to parent-child relationship, and shall keep in mind that the period from born of a child to its six years old is a critical period, during which a child’s love, trust and sociability start to take shape. Parents are of course very important to the growth of their children. And other adults, including caregivers and teachers, also play important roles.
    Dorothy Law Nolte, a well-known American writer, reminded adults in her poem Children Learn What They Live: “If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. If children live with tolerance, they learn patience...” The quality of life, behavior, character and force of example of parents and teachers have significant influence on children. Especially for parents, children are like copies of them, like another version of them. If parents are sentimental and extreme, their children will most likely be the same. If parents have excellent social skills, their children will also succeed in social activities. If parents are arbitrary, their children will be imperious too. If children are controlled too often, they will probably become cowardly in the future. If parents are friendly to others, their children will show consideration for others as well.
    Parents all want their children to be successful. They spare no efforts, use up their time and money to arrange endless learning activities and courses for their children, only hope them be better persons. Parents, why don't you take a look at your own lives and behaviors and set yourselves up as examples for your children? Example is always more efficacious than precept. As Bert Hellinger once said: Children are the mirror of family, your children's character and behavior are reflecting your family from multiple angles.
    Children are exposed to their teacher's life every day, and are unconsciously edified and influenced by their teachers. Children will in turn reflect the quality of their teacher's life. My fellow teachers,with what kind of life are you influencing your students? When we encourage our students to be happy and active in learning, how many teachers are doing so themselves? When teachers encourage and promote reading among students, have they enjoyed reading and maintained the habit of reading? Do teachers live a happy life?
    We hope our children to have independent mind and critical thinking. Well, how many parents are there that have been brave to raise objections, think from multiple angles, dedicate themselves to study, propose bold assumption and prove it with caution? In your busy daily life, do you keep meditating, reading and self-reflecting everyday? Will you re-adjust your rhythm of life and arrange a list of priorities? Only in this way can we exert our lives on our children’s positively.
    Life education should not be just a set of courses, but be derived from life experience and practice. Life is originated from the master who created lives. Let’s help our children experience the meaning of life, love life, live with kindness, confidence, hope and love through understanding the value of self and life view, through cognizing and exploring the wonder of life!
    As the bible says in proverbs 22-6: “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” For the sake of our children's growth, we, as parents or teachers, all have the obligation and responsibility to improve ourselves, find out the most appropriate education methods to help children have better growth. Let quality life「pass on」!
  • Miss Chen Kaien
    Honorable parents, guardians and lovely children, how are you? I’m Jia’en Chen, a school-based social worker at Methodist Preschool Kindergarten. You may find my name “笳” looks like the name of tomato “茄”. But they are not the same word. My name is Jia’en (笳恩), in which the word “Jia (笳)” represents a kind of musical instrument in Xinjiang and has the same pronunciation with “Jia (加)”. Though my name is different in pronunciation with the name of tomato “茄”, I do like tomato. Because I wish I could be a tomato to bring others the feeling of vitality and joyfulness.
    I hope my work could bring joyfulness to all the little ones. If any kid is in a blue mood, I will help him/her dispel the clouds and get back to vitality again. In fact, children at this stage need companionship and love the most. Children need to grow up in the company of their families, to feel the love and solicitude given by them. Thereby, children will be full of confidence and safety when exploring the new world.
    Therefore, the most frequent words we shall say to children are “I Love You”, “ I am with you” and “You can do it”, giving them the belief that families are always with them, families will show them love, so that they could be confident in dealing with daily issues.
    While sometimes facing the daily issues of their children may make parents and guardians become tired. Go and get some rest when you are tired. You can do something you like, chat with your friends or come and talk it over with me within 8: 30 am to 5: 00 pm every Monday to Thursday. After the rest, I’d like to be your companion in the journey ahead.